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29th June - 2nd July 2013

sunny 30 °C

Cedar taking in the view in Noosa


After Inskip Point, we headed for Noosa. I had been hanging to see this place but was a little apprehensive as to how busy it would be. Well, it was busy, but very still beautiful. We dropped the van off, set it up and went straight down to check out the famous Noosa heads.

We found a parking spot, which I heard later is like winning Lotto, and went for a stroll up to the lookouts. What a stunning headland. The surf was kinda small, but still looked fun. It was top late in the day so I decided to head out the next day.

The surf was still small, but man was it busy. Usually I would never surf with this many people in the water, but I had to surf the famous Noosa Heads.
After a big surf we took a stroll down the main street and found ourselves a fancy bar where we got caught in the moment and drunk the afternoon away sipping on Espresso Martinis……………………..

Whilst based in Noosa we went for a drive to the surrounding hinterland and further north to the Kin Kin Pub, where we stopped in for a cold beer, Cute old country charm however extremely grumpy service. On the way we past a really old chapel, this reminded us of our mates wedding back home.

Overall Noosa wasn’t bad just a bit too hectic for us, would be an amazing spot with 50,000 less people!

Noosa Heads
Noosa Heads
Kin Kin Pub
Cute Church we found in the middle of nowhere

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Inskip Point/ Double Island Point

26th June - 29th June 2012

overcast 22 °C

Cedar exploring Double Island Point

Inskip Point/Double Island Point

We said our goodbyes and pushed down to Inskip Point, a council run camp ground right on the beach. Despite being school holidays we managed to nab a great spot, a 30 second walk over the dunes to the beach. As soon as we set up camp we realized why it was the only spot left in the campground, we could hear the screech of our camper neighbor from inside our caravan. Nice enough family but the lady was so loud and didn’t mind telling you how good she was. Yes it was a fast run to get from the beach to the caravan without getting spotted. Despite this we made the most of it and really did enjoy our stay.

Rainbow beach town was once again another holiday community which boasted a little café strip on the main street . It is set right on the coast. We 4WD’ed on the beach to an absolutely awesome surf spot called Double Island Point. A drive past coloured sands and we reached the fun point break. On the 2nd day we didn’t time the tide properly and we had to cross the water to get there (Yes another $30 at the carwash. )The only negative I can say about this beautiful spot is that The government actually make you pay to drive on the beach to get there. Absolutely ridiculous but we weren’t gonna miss out.

On our second trip to double island point we managed to score the place to ourselves. I think this was because no one else was game enough or stupid enough to send thier car thru the water to get there.

The break was the longest ride you could ever imagine and I must say I paddled out for the first time in a couple of years and had a ball. The weather was overcast and rainy and at one point a pod of dolphins swam straight up to me and jumped out of the water. I could literally touch them.
We had a big cook up on the beach and took turns playing with Cedar and surfing the Mal.

There was a nice rainforest drive in the great Sandy National Park which was home to a Freshwater campgrounds. We drove the loop which lead us onto the beach and back.

Colored Sands
Double Island Point
Double Island Point
Double Island Point
Building sand castles
Lunch on the beach
On the way to Double Island point, not quite the tide we had of hoped for

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Bunderberg/Elliot Heads/Fraser Island/ Hervey Bay

18th June -26th June 2013

sunny 22 °C

Champagne Pools Fraser Island

Bunderberg/Elliot Heads/Fraser Island/ Hervey Bay

The next stop was the Bunderberg factory, we pulled up at what looked like a run down industrial site which was pretty much right in the citys centre. Despite the factory being abit of an eyesore the tour was great. The tour guides showed us around the factory and explained all the different processes to make the Bundy. They sucked us in at the end by giving out taste tests , so of course we were obliged to buy a few different bottles.

We didn’t stay in Bunderberg but instead drove to a place called Elliott Heads, where we stayed for the night. Right on the beach with a nice coastal walk. Not much else to do but sample a little more of that bundy.

Hervey Bay was where our friends Kaye and Noel from Cape Palmerston lived, after spending a couple of nights at Pialba caravan park, we met up with new found friends and moved the van to their house. The plan was to go straight to Fraser Island with the van but after speaking to the barge operator, she told us that one of the main beach tracks was closed and that we shouldn’t take the van as we would most likely get stuck.

We took the car across on the barge from fraser and it turns out the tracks weren’t closed. The beach wasn’t as bad as what we had been told and we could have taken the van across, however it was still nice to be living it up and stay at the Kingfisher resort for 3 nights. The resort was really nice, however being off season, there were skeleton staff and it was such an effort to get someone to even serve you for a drink at the bar.

We really loved Fraser Island, it had it all, rainforests, lakes, fantastic beaches and clifftop views. We spent most of the time exploring the island but my main goal was to see a dingo. I actually thought there would be hundreds of them running wild, but we were very lucky to see one on the last day running along the beach.

A day trip from the resort up to Orchid beach was definitely a highlight. We came across the Maheno ship wreck which was truly huge and worth a photo stop. We arrived at Eli creek and although it wasn’t really swimming weather I couldn’t resist being pushed down the crystal clear water of the Creek alongside all the backpackers. A walk up to the lookout, we spotted champagne pools. Champagne Pools is a natural rock cut out in the reef which is filled with sea water. Cedar and Ben braved the cold this time and had a dip. A perfect protected pool to swim in.

We seen so much on this fantastic island and could have easily spent a week or two here if we had the van with us. Bens birthday fell on the day we were leaving so we celebrated it the day before with a huge feed at the resort.

Back in Hervey Bay we stayed with Noel and Kayes for 3 nights and were treated like Kings. We sampled a great deal of Noels “homebrew” and I finally got to visit my first Aldi store. Hervey Bay was a lot bigger than what we expected and we Thank Noel and Kaye for having us . It was really nice having some great company.

Bunderberg Factory
Bunderberg Factory
Elliott Heads
Ferry to Fraser
Ferry to Fraser
Fraser Island
KingFisher resort Fraser
Kingfisher resort
Champagne Pools Fraser Island
Champagne Pools Fraser ISland
Dingo on Fraser Beach
Eli Creek
Maheno Shipwreck
Our wonderful hosts Noel and Kaye

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Byfield National Park/Boyan Bush Camp/Agnes Waters

11th June - 18th June 2013

sunny 28 °C

Byfield National Park, red rock state forest

Byfield National Park/Boyan Bush Camp/Agnes Waters

It was a little sad to leave Cape Palmerston but we packed up and headed to Byfield National park past Yepoon. The first night we stayed in the red rock state forest, this was really scenic and we pretty much had the spot to ourselves. Since the weather was quite cold and rainy we cooked up a roast and settled in for the night.

The next day we moved on to a large Ti-Tree farm. Some crew we met at Cape Palmerston told us to go stay there as it was there friends property which they open up to backpackers etc for a small fee. It was a beautiful property, with many animals and we were made to feel so welcome having tea and coffee with the really friendly owners.

We explored the sights in the area and drove thru the national park to a beach called 5 rocks. The track into 5 rocks was your usual 4wd track nothing to adventurous, Ah correction not to adventurous until you hit the section which had a giant incline which stretched for what felt like 50km. It was a hill of sand that had trenches and dips the size of Vietnam. As the belly of the big 200 series scraped up and downs on the ground we were thrown around the car like rag dolls, getting airborn many times. Mental note for next time: remove all projectiles from the back of car including herb garden when 4WDing. What a laugh and abit of fun.

The beaches were beautiful with some nice camp spots dotted along the coast, but like alot of beaches on the QLD coast, you cant escape the huge amounts of rubbish washed up on the shores.

Heading South, we continued towards Rockhampton, stopping at some great little fruit and veg stalls at the side of the road. We stopped at Rockhampton and got new tyres on the van and did some general running around the city. It was a lot bigger then we thought and we were kind of glad to leave. Driving around a busy city with the van on when you don’t know where you are is no fun.

On our way to Agnes Waters we stayed at a beautiful free camp spot right on a massive lake called Boyan Bush Camp. We arrived in the arvo, had a walk around, few drinks, good nights sleep and continued on the next morning.

We were lucky to get into Agnes Waters caravan park right on the water. It was only a small park but was a 30second walk to the surf break out the front. Coming up to school holiday it was quite busy but the people were all friendly and the town had a nice holiday feel to it. Ben was a little excited as it was the first place he could go surfing with decent swell and no giant Lizards to worry about.

We rode around the small town, walked a great walking track along the coast and ventured into 1770. 1770 consisted of a small street with a couple of shops and bars and a really scenic clifftop walk. The views from the lookout out to sea were amazing.

Playtime Byfield
Ti Tree farm in Byfield we stayed at
Track into 5 rocks
Bens OCD, washing the car at every chance
Homestead near Byfield
Boyan Bush Camp
Boyan Bush Camp
Agnes waters
Agnes waters
Agnes waters
Agnes waters
Agnes waters coastal walk
Agnes waters coastal walk

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Eungella National Park, Mackay and Cape Palmerston

5th June -11th June 2013

sunny 28 °C

Eungella National park stop at the side of the steep climb in.

Eungella National Park, Mackay and Cape Palmerston

We drove into Eungella, and actually took our van all the way up the massive mountain that seems like its never going to end!!! Its an amazingly pretty town, old and perched high up with an incredible view over the valley. We drove to the look outs, walked part of the national park and ended up having a steak sandwich at the pub. This is where we made a mistake, because we should have stayed at the van park at the top of the hill, instead we drove back down the hill to check out a bush camp, which didn’t fit our van in!!! DOHHHH!!!

Oh well, these things happen, so with both baby and wifey asleep, we drove into Mackay to stay the night. The Big 4 in Mackay was shocking, prob not there fault as they are under renovation, but each van site had a ramp, which made unhitching near on impossible. Not what I needed at the end of a long day. Again, oh well, if that’s all my worries……

We left Mackay in a hurry, and headed for Cape Palmerston which our friends from Hideaway Bay recommended to us. We pulled in an honestly thought we’ll be here 1 night, Well how wrong was I, again. We stayed 6 nights and loved every one of them.

Mostly due to the fact we had terrific neighbors in Noel and Kaye. They had both been there for 3 months, so Noel gave me the run down of things to see and do. One of the things I couldn’t wait to do was to walk the crab pots up the creek at low tide, so as soon as we set up, off we went to check it out.

Low and behold the next day, I walked up to the pot and near on crapped my dacks! There were 9 crabs in total, including 2 decent big male crabs called bucks!! I was absolutely stoked!!! We set and moved the pot every day from there on with no more luck, but I enjoyed every bit of it! We also picked Oysters straight off the rocks, what more could you want.

Our days consisted of long beach walks, and exploring the headlands at low tide. We also drove right out to the tip of cape Palmerston NP, which took about 45 minutes from the van park, but the drive was well worth it. We even managed to catch a feed of whiting up there. We actually returned up there with Noel and Kaye the next day, and caught another feed of fresh whiting, which Jenna cooked up right there on the beach! Perfection.

We also met another group of travelers from Yepoon, which was where we were heading next, so it was great to have a few beers and milk some info about the area off them. It turns out that 2 of the fellas were ex Perth pats, so we struck up a conversation pretty easy.

We nearly had an extra travelling companion in tow, the old caravan park stray dog B-dog (short for Bloody dog) He was a timid old boxer cross who just wandered around the van park and lived off the travellers scraps. Jenna fed him like a king whilst we were there, but he was old and seemed quite happy despite his arthritis in his legs.

Pretty soon it was time to pull up the crab pot and continue our journey further south. Noel and Kaye live in Hervey Bay, so we made plans to catch up with them for sure!!!

Eungella NAtional PArk
Pub we had Lunch at Eungella
Oysters for dinner
Cape Palmerston
CApe Palmerston
Ben found a lure at CApe Palmerston, beats losing another 1 to his 10 he already lost
Cape Palmerston
Mud Crab
Cape Palmerston Mud Crab
B-dog I wanted to steal
Marshmallows around the camp Fire Cape Palmerston
Cape Palmerston NAtional park, fresh whiting for lunch

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